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Learn by Osmosis from Useful Role Models

  • Hacker Dojo 599 Fairchild Dr Mountain View, CA, 94043 United States (map)

An intense collaboration of founders of product-based startups to help them stay focused on short-term progress without getting lost in hubris of long-term vision and strategy.

The meeting is kicked off with a status check for founders with 3 questions:

* What Activities did you do last month? 
* What is your Plan for the next month? 
* Why can't you get to a Business Milestone in 3 months?

The other segments in the meeting (which vary each time depending on member needs) include:

* Burning Problem - let us brainstorm your thorny problem 
* Virtual Board Meeting - this board can't fire you - but they're just as tough as a real one 
* Instant Panel: two or more founders share their expertise/experiences on the same topic 
* Time Barter: my 1 hour = your 1 hour 
* Inner Circle: resource sharing  
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NOTE: Because this is a recurring event, we cannot guarantee event scheduling in any given week. You must check the Hacker Dojo events calendar to confirm the event scheduling status before you plan on showing up there.