Make Your Own Mistakes, Learn From Mine!


Murali Krishna Devarakonda got his expensive education in bootstrapping hi-tech product startups by founding ridesharing/carpooling startups twice: 1999-2001 & 2004-2008.

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Sam Murley

Co-founder / Growth Stategist: Infinity Leap; Co-founder/VP Product: Hub Monkey.

"Murali may be one of the most energetic, passionate and knowledgeable Agile Coaches I have ever met. I had the privilege of receiving an on-site, 2-day intensive, hands-on coaching session with Murali a little over a year ago. At that time, we were going down a development path doomed for failure and didn't know it! Murali turned us around in the right direction with crash courses in Agile and how to actually apply Agile best-practices from real-world experiences. The time and money spent bringing him in has definitely been saved over and over again and his ability to tell the 'story' and share lessons-learned was invaluable to our startup. 1 year later, we have completely adopted the Agile approach using Agile-based tools and practices."



Mukesh bansal

Head of Commerce Platform, Flipkart; Founder/CEO, Myntra

"I had the pleasure of working with Murali for about 9 months to assist him in the development work for his RideShare start-up. Murali was absolutely committed to the business and his passion and enthusiasm for business was was quite contagious. There was no amount of setback that would dampen his spirits and he will only come back with even more energy and do his best to solve the problem. Apart from his business interests, Murali was quite active in a few non-profit causes and was always willing to help anyone as best as he can. It was a great experience to work with a born entrepreneur in action and see him fight it out during the dot com bust days."


jennifer thompson

Executive Director at Sustainable Silicon Valley, Producer & Director, American Dream 2.0

"I can say Murali emanates vision, passion and leadership. Using his great communication and people skills, Murali took ISN from a fledgling non-profit to an influential organization.."



VP Engineering at Automation Anywhere

Murali is an Agile thought leader and helped Automation Anywhere transform to an Agile environment in short order. He is very effective communicating fundamental concepts and coaching employees at all levels from engineers to executive management. His passion and vision for an Agile organization pushes the boundaries and uniquely marries concepts from scrum, lean, xp based not on a religion but on their efficacy. At Automation Anywhere, he coached our Engineering, Product management teams and executives to drive a top down approach to implementing Agile. He was also very effective in laying a foundation for integrating marketing, sales and support orgs into the agile delivery stream. I strongly recommend him to anyone in the process of implementing Agile practices in their organization

Sumit Chawla

Founder, Loud Noise Inc.; Territory Account Manager, Rational Brand, IBM Software Sales, IBM 

"I first met Murali during a TiE event, way back in late 2005/early 2006 when I had just moved to the Bay Area and was trying to get into the Entrepreneurial spirit. Murali was easily the one whose agenda was very clear: he wanted you to succeed and wouldn't let you make excuses. I became good friends with him and always enjoyed conversations with him on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to agile development to business development and so on. At each interaction, I found that Murali was very coherent and convincing in his reasoning. Whenever I would think that some of the thinking is affected by Silicon Valley buzzword fever, I would discover that he knew what he was talking about. His no-BS style ground in terrific reasoning and excellent examples always led to great theoretical discussions. 
However, I truly discovered the power behind what I call the "Murali method" when I took the plunge and became an entrepreneur. I found myself doing exactly what Murali was cautioning against, and without his mentorship I would have likely spent all time coding and no time developing the market. Granted, for now I am at 90-10 ratio versus 100-0, but the key part was that I found out first-hand the reasons behind the principles Murali teaches. 
Along with being a highly opinionated, terrific, caring human being, Murali is an Agile instructor par excellence and is one of the rare entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley who is more confident of your success than you are. I highly recommend Murali and am privileged to be associated with him."

Sandeep Singh

Director, Online & Mobile - Enterprise Markets at Blue Shield of California

In his role as an Agile coach, Murali was instrumental in the "fine tuning" of the multiple scrum teams here at BSC after the initial Agile roll out. Murali was a superb Agile coach, understood team dynamics well and was able to work very effectively in our matrixed organization. He brought an excellent attitude looking to drive value through his interactions at all times. He was always very approachable, thoughtful, a great facilitator and an awesome negotiator. He was also very personable - the Wednesday Happy Hours wouldn't have been a success without him! 

Murali was always a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate in recommending him as an Agile coach.

Art Fernandez

Senior Product Manager, eCommerce | StubHub

I've known and worked with Murali over the last 3 years. 

At StubHub he came in at a time in the middle of our AGILE transformation and offered invaluable advice to me as a Product Manager in identifying lean and optimized ways of developing and managing products. 

Murali is deeply passionate about AGILE and it's ability to help companies quickly define, develop, and ship products quickly. At the same time, I have seen him come up with pragmatic and compelling solutions when the ideal approach was not always attainable. 

I would not hesitate recommending Murali's services to any forward looking organization that is not afraid to challenge the status quo and truly seeks to put in place organizational change that translates to rapidly developed and award winning products using AGILE processes.

Art Fernandez

Senior Product Manager, eCommerce, Blue Shield of California

Working with Murali was very rewarding. His subject matter knowledge and keen ability to make it understandable to others is his key strength. His considered and pragmatic approach to AGILE development provided practical guidance to critical projects at Blue Shield of California and furthered the organization's software development transformation. Moreover, Murali's passion for the Mobile space and considered leadership in that area was directly responsible for the definition, development, and successful product launch at a critical time of transition in Health Care. Moreover, Murali is a highly personable person that values the judgement and opinions of others and embraces ethics first, which has become rare in the online economy. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Murali to any forward looking organization that embraces forward thinking, that understands that critical thinking, ethics, and judgment is just as important as meeting deadlines, and that seeks to develop and ship innovative and compelling online products in a rapidly changing online ecosystem. It has been my pleasure and rare honor to work with him, and I hope to do so again in future projects and organizations that I partner with.

Mark Anderson

Manager of User Experience, Blue Shield of California

Murali is a sharply intelligent scrum master as well as a talented educator of Agile methods. When he leads a project, he drives to success with attention to detail and strong leadership of the product definition and implementation process. When he is training other people or providing coaching to a team, he is able to adapt the message of Agile to their needs without giving up the essential requirements and benefits of the process. He understands the need to integrate user experience into the Agile development process, which is vital for staying competitive these days. Overall I highly recommend Murali as an Agile coach and project leader.

Kimberly Beller

Senior Manager at Blue Shield of California

I had the pleasure of working with Murali while implementing a mobile platform at Blue Shield of CA. He is an exceptional Agile coach and we would not have been able to do it without him!

Carl Stehle

Founder at Appception, Inc.

"Murali is a talented and highly motivational Agile product coach. 
He has a knack for translating visionary concepts into detailed
and actionable plans for building successful products. 

His work organizing and running the AgileEntrepreneurs meetup for
many years has helped countless fledgling entrepreneurs in resolving
today's problems while identifying tomorrow's challenges within a
professionally supportive environment. All done with a unique
approach that is highly inspirational while promoting an ethos
of personal accountability. 

These skills and attitude seem perfect for an HaE.Guru."


Tomasz Krzywicki

UX Architect at Oracle

"Its been a pleasure to work together with Murali during my quick stay at Hacker Dojo. I've learned a lot during couple of sessions and occasional lobby chats. His 4 week startup program is great and relatively painless method to convert you from starbucks-napkin-sketcher or party-brainstorm-lion into actual entrepreneur."




CEO, Consultiq & DA Consulting; Program Chair, SVForum

Murali and I were first acquainted when we both observed a Keiretsu Forum angels meeting in Silicon Valley. I was impressed by his ability to work the room, and the follow-through he had. A short time later, he announced that he was forming Agile Entrepreneurs, and I attended some of its earliest meetings. Murali is a person who contributes and gives back to the group and to the high-tech industry at the highest levels. I recommend him without reservation.

Alan Luu, PMP, CSM

Program/Project Management

I’ve known Murali since 1999, and he has done work for me at BEA. And we had the pleasure to work together again at Blue Shield. As an Agile coach at BSC, Murali is passionate about helping others grow, and was successful in influencing teams improve their understanding and execution of Scrum and reinforce best practices. He has the ability to advise without commanding, probe without attacking, and assist without taking over. Murali has led by example in delivering software using Scrum by leading BSC’s first mobile app development as Agile PM.

Mike Johnson

Co-Founder of Verasynth

"Krishna knows Agile! He has an unending passion for turning theory into practice in a funny and humorous style."

Dave Mete

Couchsurfing host - Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

  • April 2015
  • Friends with Murali Krishna - Positive

We offered to host Murali Krishna during his stay in Auckland but he had to graciously decline our offer because we have a cat and he has a cat allergy. Even so I still managed to catch up with him a couple of times and share a meal. Murali has a wealth of experience working in the cauldron of Silicon valley over the last 20 plus years and more recently as a Business Start-up Coach. He is a really nice guy and offers valuable insights on a range of business topics.

All the best with your future ventures Murali.

Alex Hunter

Royal Australian Navy, Couchsurfing host - Cairns, Queensland, Australia

  • April 2015
  • Hosted Murali Krishna - Positive

I hosted Krishna for 3 days and he was an awesome guest. He was great to hang out with and talk to, he's a very positive and energetic person and also helped me with his wealth of knowledge and advice as a startup coach which was very helpful.

I would gladly host Krishna again and would recommend him to other couchsurfers/ hosts.