4-Week Startup (4WS) MAP (Milestone-Activity-Plan)

4WS MAP - Personal (Entrepreneur)

4WS MAP - Group (Founder Core)

4WS Goals for any & every bootstrapping hi-tech product entrepreneurs:

  • 7 days to Validation,

  • 4 weeks to Traction, and

  • 3 months to Product/Market Fit and positive cash-flow.

(If this was a course in a university and entrepreneurs were students, then the time taken to Product/Market Fit would result in the following grades: A+: <=3 months; A: 3-6 months; B: 6-12 months; C: 12-24 months.)

We are a global network of (mostly Silicon Valley based) bootstrapping entrepreneurs who are have built successful businesses ranging from lifestyle businesses to companies with revenues or valuations in tens of millions of dollars - without any  Venture Capital funding. We want to ensure no hi-tech entrepreneur has to choose between risking it all or not  venturing into entrepreneurship at all.