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Agile Entrepreneurs - Learn by Osmosis


Make Your Own Mistakes, Learn From Mine!


Agile Entrepreneurs (AE) was founded in 2005, to help founders of technology product startups to collaborate to help each other succeed. Our goal is to empower all entrepreneurs so that they can make informed choices, avoid common mistakes, and maximize their chances of success.

Individual entrepreneurs without great wealth or connections continue to face an uphill battle, with applications to most incubators and accelerators requiring a co-founder, a general bias towards youth, and acceptance rates as low as 3% among these proudly exclusive clubs.

Agile Entrepreneurs is founded on the principle of inclusiveness: we are proud to be the least exclusive club for founders of product startups - we don't exclude you based on some arbitrary criteria that filters you for "quality". 
Your Passion for your vision is all you need to a member of Agile Entrepreneurs - your Empathy for your fellow entrepreneur - willingness to share will determine your degree of success.

And whether the startup of your dreams is a decent lifestyle business generating a 6-figure income for you, an SMB making a few million dollars, or a high-growth billion dollar startup that requires venture capital, we have useful role models for you.