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Admission is FREE, by invitation only, and currently restricted to FOUNDERS of hi-tech startups focused on Products or Product-based Services.

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Agile Entrepreneurs is a collaborative network of founders of early-stage hi-tech product startups. Our goal is to empower entrepreneurs so that they can make informed choices, avoid common mistakes, and maximize their chances of success.

Perhaps your dream is to own a lifestyle business where you’re the boss of your business and you make more than you would in a job- that’s it. Or perhaps you have a plan to develop a product that you can sell to Yahoo or Google for $10 million in 2 years. Or maybe you dare to dream big- a $100 million or (gasp!) a billion dollar company that can compete with the big boys, and will probably need Venture Capital someday.

It is up to individual entrepreneurs to decide how to build the company of their dreams. We want to learn how to succeed - with or without Venture Capital.

The typical profile is someone who has made a firm commitment (spent significant amount of time or money or quit his job) but hasn't raised significant capital (VC funding) or generated positive cash flow. In other words, we're founders who want to gain from a close interaction with others in our shoes, learn from each other's mistakes and help each other succeed.


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Membership is FREE.

Feel free to invite others, as long as they meet the qualifying criteria:
i.e. Being the founder of a hi-tech Product Startup
(No service providers allowed. This means NO consultants, accountants, freelancing professionals in sales/marketing/etc., attorneys, investors - companies or individuals - allowed in our face-to-face weekly meetings.

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