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Seminar: 4-Week Startup (4WS): 4 weeks to Validation, 3 months to Traction

Seminar: 4-Week Startup (4WS): 4 weeks to Validation, 3 months to Traction

First Thursday of each month @ 5:30 pm. 

“4-Week Startup (4WS)” is a proven Go-to-Market Strategy framework for startups to get market validation and traction in 3 to 6  months by enabling strategic collaboration among all stakeholders.

In this 90 minute highly interactive seminar based on actual startups, learn how to optimize for user / customer engagement, while shortening time to market and lowering development costs - in turn leading to features that “emerge and products that “just work.

The 4-Week Startup model is built around three simple and powerful abstractions:

  • Activities are a unit of User/Customer Engagement & UI design that lead to just-in-time User Stories (unit of implementation),  eliminating unwieldy Product Backlogs and byte-size feature-creep inevitable with Feature-derived User Stories.

  • Plans are monthly strategies for user/customer validation for a single core Activity.

  • Milestones: are major business goals that can be achieved with 3 to 6 monthly Plans

We will show you  how you create a single source of truth with three simple, flexible, interoperating models of your product strategy & business plan, and execution capability:

  1. Visioning Phase: Vision driven Features

  2. Go-to-Market Strategy Phase: Milestone driven Activities; and

  3. Agile/Lean Implementation: ROI driven metrics for Agility, Quality, and “Definition of DONE” for User Stories/Activities, and grades for monthly strategic Plans.

The final payoff is when you see how you can map your 4WS model directly into your operational plan for investor pitches. And change them all at will as market realities change.

About Agile Entrepreneurs (AE)

Founded in 2006, AE has a track record of mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, with implementations at a wide range of technology startups from Silicon Valley to  Dubuque, Iowa, to Hyderabad, India.

we were going down a development path doomed for failure and didn’t know it! Murali turned us around in the right direction … The time and money spent bringing him in has definitely been saved over and over again 1 year later
— Sam Murley, Cofounder, Hub Monkey, and R&D Manager, Design Mill Inc.

Murali Krishna Devarakonda is the founder of Agile Entrepreneurs and a startup coach.

A veteran of the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem who founded Agile Entrepreneurs to help founders of startups help themselves, Murali also founded startups in the ridesharing space in 1999 and 2005, evangelized Agile methods at LinkedIn in 2008 as their first Technical Program Manager, mentored startups in Stanford’s online course, “Technology Entrepreneurship 2”, and has coached & mentored numerous bootstrapping startups in Silicon Valley since 2006.

Contact:         +1-408-475-7782