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Vision & operating principle of Agile Entrepreneurs

No entrepreneurs with "passion" and "empathy" should ever fail - if they work collaboratively to reduce risk & cost and increase knowledge and mutual-support, in a framework such as the Agile Entrepreneurs "4-Week Startup (4WS) Bootstrapper".

The mission of the 4-Week Startup (4WS) Bootstrapper:

To help *any and all* hi-tech entrepreneurs achieve success without pre-selecting entrepreneurs for "quality". (For instance, Y-Combinator accepts about 3% of all applicants - we accept 100% of them.) If you're a founder of a hi-tech product startup, you're selected.

In March 2017, Agile Entrepreneurs launched the "4-Week Startup (4WS) Bootstrapper" in Menlo Park, CA (10 minutes by bicycle from the Facebook HQ) to help all entrepreneurs learn how to succeed on their own terms, with our without investor funding. The 4WS program teaches entrepreneurs frugality, productivity, and minimizing the amount of work done while maximizing its strategic value.

4WS Goals for any & every bootstrapping hi-tech product entrepreneur is:

  • 7 days to Validation,
  • 4 weeks to Traction, and
  • 3 months to Product/Market Fit and positive cash-flow.
(If this was a course in a university and entrepreneurs were students, then the time taken to Product/Market Fit would result in the following grades: A+: <=3 months; A: 3-6 months; B: 6-12 months; C: 12-24 months.)

We are a global network of (mostly Silicon Valley based) bootstrapping entrepreneurs who are have built successful businesses ranging from lifestyle businesses to companies with revenues or valuations in tens of millions of dollars - without any  Venture Capital funding. We We want to ensure no hi-tech entrepreneur has to choose between risking it all or not  venturing into entrepreneurship at all.

The 4WS Bootstrapper provide entrepreneurs with 1-on-1 coaching - hands-on, ongoing, on-demand, customized, mentoring - from successful bootstrappers - and provide shared resources (ranging from volunteers to paid but highly productive & cost-effective professionals). Full-time coaching is provided for the first 3 months. And we include a free, shared office!

We are currently working with a model that allows the program to pay for itself - yes, Agile Entrepreneurs is itself a bootstrapping startup that has already achieved the first two of the three MVP (minimum viable product) goals: Validation (enthusiastic interest the target audience) and Traction (active users/paying customers) in just 2 weeks after launch on March 16.